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Directed by Jonny Wilson
Screenplay by Colin Muir

Shooting in November/December 2021 in Iceland

Produced by Hair in the Gate film Productions (UK) and  Hero Productions (Iceland)

Starring  Clive STANDEN, Ariel WINTER, Iwan RHEON

World sales : Clear Horizon

A crime boss’s daughter, Coco, renews her friendship with her father’s enforcer Ethan Higgins as he rescues her from a hostage situation. To avoid capture, they must make their way to a small fishing port on the far side of an island.

While they run for freedom the roundup of the pair is headed by a hired gun. Jake Star, an acquaintance of Ethan Higgins. Coco and Ethan become good friends again, but Ethan never does tell Coco the true reason why he is there to rescue her.


Directed by Jonny Wilson
Screenplay by Jonny Wilson
Starring Akin Gazi and Whitney Able

Shooting in August/September in South-Africa

Produced through Hair in the Gate film Productions with and Hello Baxter (SA)

As the story begins, Muhammed Poapl, a young Syrian migrant working as a taxi driver is heavily in debt to a small-time loan shark. A no-nonsense man, who runs an illegal gambling circuit.

Muhammed is hired by out of towners, Jenie Kolby and Lucas Dunn who pay him 20,000 to help them track down a missing friend which Muhammed finds odd, but for 20,000 he will pretty much do anything. Then at night strange things happen to Muhammed. Sometimes, there are children talking, whispering, crying and screaming at him. But they are not in Muhammed’s dreams. He is haunted by his own dead children.

It seems however that Jenie and Lucas somehow know this about Muhammed, and he learns that Jenie has some type of super-natural power. In reality, Jenie can not only talk to the dead, who seem to want to talk to her all the time, but Jenie can predict the future.late


Directed by Miguel  Ángel Calvo Buttini
Screenplay by Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini
Starring Dani Muriel

Shooting in Madrid and Sevilla in Autumn 2021

Co-production with Salto de Eje Producciones Cinetograficas (ES) and Takemoto (ES)

A hobo, DANIEL, lives in the streets of a big city, for instance, Madrid.

Invisible to people who go by him all day, he had a past that NEREA, post university woman, discovers. Do you want to ignore it? OUTCAST.


Screenplay by Sam Khoze, Tarek Zohdy, Eric Pham and Chuck Russel

Shooting in Budapest, Russia and China during spring 2022


“b” is an action-scifi feature film set in the near future in the vein of Her and Lucy. The story’s theme is about the ethics of using Artificial Intelligence on the human body and mind. “b” also questions, what does it mean to be human? As sentient beings, does A.I. have the right to live freely among humans


Directed by Jonny Wilson
Screenplay by Colin Muir & Jonny Wilson

In casting

Shooting in South-Africa in 2022

Produced through Hair in the Gate film Productions with and Hello Baxter (SA) and LAKESHORE (USA)


Un film de Hervé Hiolle

Scénario de Manuel Verlange, Ledwin et Hervé Hiolle d’après «PAUVRES DE NOUS!» de Manuel Verlange

En développement

Manuel vit dans la rue avec ses amis, Pierrot et Lad’. Ce trio fantasque, haut en couleurs, habite une entrée d’immeuble boulevard Barbès. Dans le quartier de la Goutte d’Or, ce sont des figures, des leaders picaresques d’une cour des miracles moderne. Ils viennent en aide à leurs frères de trottoir, jouant à cache-cache avec la police, et se lançant dans des actions truculentes pour améliorer le quotidien de ceux qui ont tout perdu. Mais qui sont ces personnages ? D’où viennent-ils ? Comment en sont-ils arrivés là ? Que cachent-ils ?
Premiers observateurs de cette croissance de la précarité qui enfle de jour en jour dans les rues du quartier de la gare du Nord, Manuel et ses comparses squatteront l’immeuble des anciens magasins Tati, boulevard de Rochechouart, et deviendront les “promoteurs” de tentes dans les squares et de containers-logements dans le parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Ils iront jusqu’à l’installation de bateaux-logements sur la Seine, à la suite d’une série d’évènements aussi émouvants que truculents.
Manuel a l’idée de donner une adresse à chaque SDF, ouvrant des boîtes aux lettres installées dans un immeuble, sur plusieurs étages. Les SDF retrouvent ainsi la “voix” qu’ils avaient perdue. Ils deviennent rapidement une force avec laquelle le pouvoir doit compter à l’approche des élections présidentielles.
P.R-D, un conseiller de l’Élysée, se rapproche de Manuel, pour tenter de récupérer le mouvement. Entre les deux hommes s’instaure une surenchère. Dans cette situation tendue, P.R-D vise un objectif électoral crucial. De son côté, Manuel est décidé à “arracher” le plus possible pour les SDF. Mais à la fin, qui mangera l’autre?…


Directed by Katharina Mihm
Screenplay by Kerstin Hauke
Starring August DIEHL, Sasha Krivosheya, Erika Linder, Sergei Polunin, Suzanne Wuest & Koen De Bouw

Shooting in Autumn 2021

Iconic Model Justine needs the flashy cameras to feel alive. Without the eye of the camera she is nothing. Once, she was the favourite of the most famous designers and photographers. But, from one day to the next, at the height of her career, Justine stopped working with Lucide Amère, the most influential designer.

Why? Both keep silent about it. As jobs decrease in numbers and importance and competition increases, Justine fears for her visibility. Not to be seen anymore, means not to exist anymore. Justine struggles for her existence, gradually losing her mind in a downward spiral of illusion, self-denial, loss of identity – and murder. Because at the same time, the glittering world of haute couture becomes the stage for a series of bizarre murders. A killer is hunting down models, whose corpses he exhibits in exposed public places, their throats slit and their bodies artfully bound and fettered. The killer’s trademark is the black tape over the eyes of the victims – a detail that has caused him to be dubbed the “Censor”.

All the victims have something in common: their modelling careers are closely linked to Lucide Amère. As Lucide turns out to be the only one to bring Justine back to the flashlights, she eventually walks for Lucide’s highly anticipated show. Is Justine herself now on the Censor’s list? Moreover, she gets into the focus of inspector Leblanc’s investigations.

He has taken on the case for reasons he initially doesn’t let on. With Justine, we break through the hyperreal, flawless façade of fashion and dive straight into the nightmares of human abysses. We meet people who only exist as abstract sketches of themselves.

Like fashion: thousands of cuts and designs, with changing identities. Isolated and, at the same time, split up into many. The deeper we are drawn into the glamorous fashion world, the more it shows us the shocking horror behind the scenes: abuse and exploitation, and a conspiracy too big to stop anymore. In the end, Justine has to face her demons to leave this nightmare: Who am I? I am many. And: Could she kill a person herself to survive?

Or does she herself first have to die to finally be born? A battle for her sense of self begins.


Directed by Arnaud Duprey
Screenplay by Arnaud Duprey
Starring Emmanuelle Chriqui & Roxane Mesquida

Shooting in late spring 2021

Coproduction with DJINN FILMS (UK) & BIDIBUL (Lux)

Tom, a comic strip writer, and Mia, a former reporter, are both jaded by their urban life and decide to relocate to the countryside. They are delighted to have finally found the home where they will build their new life.

While they refurbish the property, despite Mia’s reservations relating to the unnerving atmosphere of the place and the pain of her recent miscarriage, the couple discover the joy of the calm of the countryside and its wide-open spaces.

When she visits the property, Mia discovers an eerie wood next to the house whilst increasingly obsessing about the previous loss of her unborn child. She meets Louisa, the neighbour’s daughter, who appears to have lived in the adjacent house for a long time. A close and compassionate relationship begins to develop between the two women.

Tom does not lose a moment to settle into his new study and to get absorbed in developing his sketches. He is fulfilling his life’s dream: in illustrating his own comic strip.

Tom rapidly plunges into strange dreams that will affect Mia deeply, becoming lost between her subconscious and reality.

Due to the visions she has, Mia feels threatened and watched by strange characters who appear around the wood. Mia tries to further her friendship with Louisa, who we discover has been abused by her father, in an attempt to discover the background to the mysterious and disturbing place.

Over the days, Tom’s behaviour changes and he becomes obsessed by his work. His sketches become more disturbing, isolating him in a dangerous world. His drawings, his dreams and this strange communication link that he is weaving with his beloved seem to reveal his true history.

Through Mia’s presence and the creation of his comic strip, Tom will progressively slide into a destructive psychosis in order to exorcise a guilt which has prevented him from really living for years. Mia then discovers the strange characters who haunt her partner’s mind and becomes enveloped in a story she could never have imagined.


Screenplay by Thomas Raft & Noël Rainford

In development

John Berg, 39, a GP at a local surgery in the South Coast of England secretly struggles with his volatile wife, Ellen, 36, a recovering alcoholic. Desperately trying to find a path through their uncertainty, John spends more of his free time with his eight-year-old son Steven, who joins a local youth rugby team. Encouraged by their new team manager Paul Mason, 31, John joins the team as an assistant coach.

Quickly impressed by Paul’s athleticism, energy and confidence, John forges a new friendship that offers him an escape from his restrictive marriage. Soon their closeness develops into something more, igniting repressed feelings in John.

Painfully conscious of the increasing distance between her and her husband, Ellen struggles to fight her alcohol addiction and need support. Egged on by a friend to try a new look, Ellen visits the newly opened salon on the sea-front, and we discover Paul owns it. Ellen finds it easy to relax in his infectious company.

When Paul makes the connection between John and Ellen, he carefully starts to manage them both. Paul urges John to be more open about his true feelings and desires, while at the same time, he weakens Ellen’s resolve, manipulating her into drinking again.

At the annual beach festival, Paul plays John and Ellen against each other, exploiting their weaknesses at the expense of young Steven who gets lost in the crowd. The frantic parents eventually find their son, but the recriminations are savage. When John storms off, it’s become a catalyst for him to fully succumb to Paul’s seduction as he realizes the depth of his sexual desires.

But Ellen also craves a physical connection of Paul and visits his house, where she’s confused to witnesses John leaving. Drunken, emotional and angry, she storms in and is an easy target for Paul’s unstoppable urges.

Ellen’s alcoholism and depression become more interrelated pronounced; she has violent outbursts and during a heated argument with John, she accidentally knocks Steven down with her car, breaking his leg. John is desperate to support his family, and when Paul realizes John isn’t at his beck and call any longer, he loses interest in him and sleeps around with other men.

Things come to a head for John and Ellen, when the Headmaster of Steven’s school calls them in for an urgent meeting. Several children are bullying Steven because of Paul and John’s closeness at the Rugby club and Ellen’s unpredictable and disheveled appearance.

Ellen is distraught and blames John for everything. John instinctively wants to blame Ellen, but something stops him as he begins to realize the truth about their marriage. He’s been deceitful with her and decides he wants a union based on honesty and support, but when Ellen confronts Paul for the last time, it might be too late for the both of them.


Directed by Sylvia Kurth
Screenplay by Sylvia Kurth
Starring Cassandra Gava, Jayne Wiesner & Claude Duhamel

Shooting in Belgium & Germany in late summer 2021

Coproduction with Masks Don’t Lie (USA)


Your typical attractive lab tech, Rosalien, finds that her top-secret research could have been compromised by the head of the pharmaceutical group that she works in conjunction with. 

Her appeal to the supervisor about the breach of protocol gets little attention the day before she starts her vacation. While she is gone, the information is used to conduct an experiment by a scientist that had worked in the 60’s for Area 51, which goes out of control. 

Rosalien quits her job shortly before her Mom gets mysteriously killed. Once she knows that the lab was trying to kill her, she then confides in her best friend, Nina, for help. 

Both women realize that they are being hunted and get separated. Desperate and trying to stay alive, they run a type of scavenger hunt to put the pieces together to stop this horrific blood bath. Nina, a Web designer by trade, uses her clever mind buying time at critical moments throughout the film. Meanwhile, various twins begin to appear, styled like KIM NOVAK in VERTIGO. 

ARTIFICIAL TWINS is a chilling story of corruption and corporate greed mixed inside of a good old-fashioned horror film with a classic twist.


Directed by Nora Jaenicke
Screenplay by Nora Jaenicke

Shooting in early 2022 in Italy

Starring  Hande Kodja, casting in progress

Margot and her sister Louise reunite in their deceased father ‘s house on an idyllic Italian Island, only to discover a painful family secret. Separated by the passing of time and different upbringings the two women unexpectedly find their lives linked back together by the forces of remembrance and forgiveness.


Directed by Ned Crowley
Screenplay by Ned Crowley

Shooting in 2022 in Canada

Coproduction with  Copperworks – Canada

Starring : casting in progress

When the kidnapping of a spoiled socialite goes bad, the antagonistic group is forced to take refuge in an old abandoned Inn deep in the woods, where they must band together through the night to fight off an occult, home invasion and an evil force within,  only to be confronted by an even more sinister enemy.


Directed by Eduardo Barreto
Screenplay by Eduardo Barreto

Shooting in summer 2021 in studio in Brussels

Starring  Juliet Aubrey, Hannah Arterton, Christina Cole and Sam Gittins.

It’s a sweltering Summer’s day in 1954, New York.

The action takes place in Gigi’s airless flat. It’s the aftermath of a bank heist. In this unique stage will pass the different characters guilty of the same crime: The bank robbery and the sharing of one million dollars.

Gigi is alone with her brother Oscar who hungers for the money at any cost. Oscar, cool blooded

criminal and main character in this tale of confessed gangsters represents the metaphor of the precarious values and feelings between criminals. Oscar carries on his shoulders the recollections of a rather dense past full of childhood traumas that determine and explain his behaviour.

Oscar and GiGi begin a psychological and physical battle for possession of the cash. Oscar leaves Gigi tied up and alone. But unknown to Oscar, Gigi’s lover, Lucille, arrives at the apartment. Gigi now has the upper hand, or does she?

All seems going according to Oscar’s plan, until their mother arrives. Now, the name of the game has changed…

The climax is swift, ugly, cathartic and ultimately poetic.

A web of lies, a tale of greed and treason, of violence and crime.

Splitting one million dollars seemed so easy after all…